Thinking of booking a holiday and not sure who will look after your pet ? Let us help !

Our kind, caring and experienced staff will make sure that your pet is suitably spoilt while you are away.
Small animals are boarding in a secure area which is closed to the public to ensure the safely and wellbeing of your pet.
Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are boarding in our own large cages, they are exercised daily in a run area, all enclosures are cleaned daily, fresh hay, food, water and fresh vegetables are also provided every day.
Hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats and other small rodents are boarding in your own cages.
Rabbit £5 per animal per day

Rabbit - 2 housed together

£7.50 per 2 animals per day
Guinea Pig £4 per animal per day
Guinea Pig - 2 housed together £6 per 2 animals per day 
Syrian Hamster £3.50 per cage per day
Rats (max 2 per cage) £4 per cage per day
Mice, Gerbils, Dwarf Hamsters (max 2 day cage) £3.50 per cage per day
If you have any further questions regarding our boarding service or would like to book your pets holiday please call us on 020 8660 2212 or email us on