The puppies which we sell are bought from local breeders and are sold from 8 weeks of age.

If you would like to see the puppies that we currently have available in store please click here.

All puppies are quarantined for 7 days prior to sale. During this time they are also MICROCHIPPED, VET CHECKED, GIVEN THEIR 1ST VACCINATION, WORMED AND FLEA TREATED BY A VETERINARIAN. The vet's health check form is provided on purchase of the puppy and available for viewing when you come into the store.

Our staff are happy to advise you on all aspects of puppy care and training both before, during and after purchase of a puppy.

Even if you haven't bought your puppy from us we are always happy to offer advise please pop in and have a chat or give us a call. We have everything you will need for your new puppy in store like crates, beds, food, toys, treats, collars, leads, id tags, bowls and much more !

Buying a puppy is a life time commitment and you will be responsible for the puppy for the rest of it's life. We would urge you to think carefully before contemplating buying a puppy. They are all 'cute' but please remember they will grow! they will chew! they will need house training! and walking in the cold and the rain ! This being said if you do decide that would like a puppy please pop in and see us.



What breeds of puppies do you sell ?? We sell a variety of breeds both cross breeds and pure breed dogs.

Can you obtain a specific breed ?? We don't get puppies 'to order' however if there is a specific breed that you are interested please e-mail, phone us or pop into the store and will be happy to either take your details and let you know when we have the breed that interests you or may be able to put you in contact with a breeder.

How much do the puppies cost ?? The puppies vary in price depending on breed. When you see the puppies in the shop the price displayed is inclusive of their vet checked, worming, flea treatment and 1st vaccination. Please remember that you will also need other essentials like food, bed, bowls, collar & lead etc, all of these items can be purchased in store and will advise you on the most suitable items for your puppy.

Can I see the puppies parents ?? We don't breed the puppies ourselves or have the parents in store so this very much depends on the breeder. Some people are happy for us to give the new owners their contact details so that you can speak to them. Some would prefer not to be contacted. If the breeder has given authorisation we will give you their details when you purchase the puppy. If they have not then we will happily pass your details onto them so that they can contact you if they'd like to. Many breeders will give us a photo of the mum and/or the dad - if this is the case we will provide you with a copy of this photo.

Do the puppies come with 'papers' ?? This varies from breed to breed - cross breed puppies don't have pedigree papers. Some of the pure breed puppies will have pedigree and/or Kennel Club papers - if this is the case then this will be advised on the puppies pen and the relevant papers given to you. All puppies will have their individual veterinary health check form & vaccination card.