The kittens which we sell are bought from local breeders and are sold from 8 weeks of age.

If you would like to see the kittens we currently have available in store please click here.

All kittens are quarantined for 7 days prior to sale. During this time they are also VET CHECKED, WORMED AND FLEA TREATED BY A VETERINARIAN.  

The vet's health check form is provided on purchase of the kitten and available for viewing when you come into the store.

Our staff are happy to advise you on all aspects of kitten care both before, during and after purchase of a kitten.


Even if you haven't bought your kitten or cat from us we are always happy to offer advise please pop in and have a chat or give us a call.

Buying a kitten is a long term commitment and you will be responsible for the kitten for the rest of it's life. We would urge you to think carefully before contemplating purchase of any pet.



What types of kittens do you sell ?? We sell mostly domestic long haired and short haired kittens however occasionally we do have pure breed kittens available.

How much do the kittens cost ?? Kittens prices vary significantly depending availability. Kittens are rarely available in the winter so this does unfortunately mean that they are more expensive at this time of year. 'Kitten season' normal runs from around early May to September when kittens will be less expensive. Please call us to check availabilty and prices.

What will I need to get when I buy a kitten ?? We offer a starter pack which offers great value for money (saving over 10% than if products were purchased individually) and includes all the essentials required.  It includes cat litter, a litter tray, kitten food, food bowls, a collar, id tag, wormers and toys. A large selection of beds, carrying boxes and scratching posts are also available.